V shape panels

v shape panel The V shape system panel is especially recommended for professional fencing of public buildings, workshops and factories, schools, parks, playgrounds and stadiums, airports and military areas.

Double wire panels

panouri bordurate gard Double-wired panels are specially designed for use around stadiums, industrial areas, and medium and high security areas.

Bar panels

panouri gard din bare Bar panels is an attractive choice for fencing your property. Beside ensuring a high security level, this system is a very elegant solution.

Special panels

panouri speciale They are manufactured by our suppliers from different types of steel profiles : flat, L profile, U profile, sheet or pipe. As for the other types of fencing, the corrosion protection is very high (galvanization and PVC)

Welded meshes

Plase sudateDecorio offers a complete range of welded galvanized meshes, or welded galvanized and PVC coated meshes, from our Suppliers in Italy, Spain and Holland. The welded meshes in our offer are suitable for fencing in the residential, civil, industrial sector. There are also welded meshes suitable for caging small animals and birds. You will sure find the appropriate solution for your need from the wide range in our offer.
You can choose from the Multiplast product (PVC coated, discreet enough for residential area but also strong and secure enough to be used for airport fencing) to the low height meshed used as ornamental fencing in gardens and finally to the galvanized meshes used in constructions, agricultural and animal farming. We also supply welded meshes for shelves, cages, trolleys, etc.

Wooven meshes

Plase impletite Decorio offers woven meshes galvanized or galvanized and covered in PVC, from Italian and Spanish producers. Wooven meshes are very sturdy and flexible (they are easily installed on slopes). They are the traditional solution for fencing sport grounds (football and tennis courts) and for agriculture. The meshed with thicker wires (3-4 mm) are used also for security fencing (airports and military bases)

Knotted meshes

Plase innodate pentru gard

For agricultural fencing, the knotted meshes are traditional. Most important feature is that the lack of welding points eliminates the risk of corrosion. Knotted mesh can be tensioned better so the number of posts will be reduced significantly (eg. One post each 5 m instead of 2.5 m ) , which reduces the budget for the materials.

Usually  used in big surface fencing, in agriculture, forestry and highway fencing.


Gabioane Gabions are a solution used in landscaping, stabilization of slopes and river benches, etc.
Lately they are in fashion in architecture and landscaping. This metallic boxes can be manufactures from a variety of meshes, in various sizes and shapes, and can be filled with a wide selection of materials – from glass boulders to stones, pieces of wood and even dry leaves. Combined with inspiration, they can form a stylish wind shield, an ingenious pole or bench, or an original opaque fence.

Mobile fences

Garduri mobile We offer mobile fences for construction sites and for any type of events (sports, cultural, meetings, any type of gatherings) – the opaque versions can be personalized in the desired colors. There are available over 15 models, part of each are always in stock. Decorio’s offer includes various heights and configurations, according to each client specific needs. Installation and dismantling is very easy due to specific accessories (concrete footing, double collars, mobile gates).

Welded meshes for reinforcing and grates for constructions

Plase pentru constructii Special meshes are used in construction as reinforcements for floors, walls with special shapes, etc. The metallic grates, welded or pressed, hot dip galvanized, are usually made from a combination of wires and flat bands.
They are slip proof and their configuration prevent snow and ice to accumulate on the surface. This is why they are the perfect solution for emergency or fire stairs, industrial stairs, security enclosures in industrial areas, drainage grates for pedestrian use or for heavy load use.

Metallic posts

Stalpi metaliciDifferent types of fencing calls for different posts – to accommodate the desired mesh.
You can choose from our wide range of metallic posts: round, T posts, rectangular , with different thickness and height, protected for corrosion. They can be galvanized or galvanized + PVC coated, in your desired color of the fence.
For each type of post we have professional accessories that shorten the installation time and do not compromise the protection for corrosion. (as welding does).

Swing gates

Porti batante Our fencing solution is completed by our offer for gates – pedestrian or double swing gates.
Protected by galvanization or galvanization + PVC coating, equipped with high quality hinges and locks, you will find our gates very sturdy and good looking. There are models adapted for each tipe of fence, with heights between 1 and 3 m.

Cantilever sliding gates

Porti culisante in consola They are a safe and elegant solution. Very well protected for corrosion, the cantilever gates can be operated by remote control or card control.
They can have different security options (photocells, pressure strips, etc) . They can be customized in the fence’s color and are available in a wide range of dimensions.

Sliding gates on rail

Porti culisante pe sina For auto access – residential or industrial – the sliding gates on rail are a practical and convenient solution. Our gates are very well protected for corrosion. You can choose from electrically operated gates or manual ones, galvanized or galvanized and PVC coated. Openings can vary from 4 to 14 m, at variable heights. Different security options are available (photocells, pressure strips).